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Everything you'll need to enhance your creativity

Shardat is here to ensure you have fun with your close ones and allow you to store and share your creative content securely.


Invite People
Create a group and invite your friends to capture and share everyones best moments.
Full name
Zameer Ejaz
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Invite person

Invite friends to your event groups

As the saying goes the more the merrier.


Zameer's App Launch

Ability to upload all your content within the group

Once invited to the event, you will be able to share your moments exclusively to the group instantly!


Smart Grouping
Sharedat can smartly group your photos by face or background
the picture

Zameer : 24

the picture

Zameer's Kitty : 988

AI used effecively

Enhancing, picking specific features from a picture or even collating them together has never been easier. Gone are the days of manually searching and sorting your ever growing gallery

Get ShareDat now!

Never have to worry about storage ever again

  • Host or Join Event / Groups

    Create events and start sharing your memories

  • Seamlessly organise all your photos

    Save time and never worry about organising your camera roll

  • Coporate / Business Groups

    Ensure all your images are taking advantage of all the Smart Grouping and Face Detection

Pricing Plans

Pick the perfect plan for you, if its a one off event or you're a modelling agency processing 1000s pictures, we have a plan for everyone



You’re hosting a small party and would like to have all your party pics in one place

  • Max 30 people in a group
  • Limited Pictures
  • No Videos
  • Manual Organisation
  • Set Timeframe of the group


£5-£10 per Event

You’ve got an event and would love to have everyones contribution to images and videos to showcase everyones creativity and memory

  • Unlimited Invite to a Group
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Locally Download the Group to your device
  • Specific Timeframe when photo uploads should start and end



Perfect for Agencies who have to process and send images to a large group

  • Unlimited Invite to a Group
  • Unlimited Pictures
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Smartly Organise Groups
  • Use of AI to pick out specific features of a picture
  • A group made forever